Even today after so long I have to admit I get quite emotional when I read this Nelson Mandela quote (long story, way too long for a blog). I arrived on Gozo 7 weeks ago (just 7 weeks) and I continue to be amazed at the place I feel has always been my home. Maybe I am the new boy around here (so what) but despite the fact that I’ve never been busier in my life, I still feel compelled to write, believe it or not it helps clear my mind. There are so many important events starting to reach climax, when you stand back and observe what’s going on it’s easier to see the connections. Gobbledegook NO you just need to be here to feel the energy.


George Carlin in his sketch ‘Stuff’ pretty well sums up how I got here due to the events in Texas. I arrived with 2 suitcases, a small amount of savings , but a LOT of baggage. Now I see the Citadella is about to open with a big celebration… happy, the hospital is about to be privatised…sad, Free Speech is on the verge of being questioned…sad, the Crazy Brit is about to open a tea shop in Gharb (he’s gotta be crazy). With all this activity it’s getting quite exhausting and doctors orders say, I have to slow down (I thought I saw myself leaving the house as I returned yesterday). The people who care about Gozo (and there are many) need to Raleigh together to make sure some of the changes (like hospital privatisation) don’t have a negative effect on their island. We should be helping each other (not blaring a  car horn) when someone makes a minor driving mistake. Remember the Starfish Story:


I really do have to get some sleep now or my new partner ‘business partner’ is going to be quite concerned at me not following doctor’s orders,perhaps I’ll add more to the blog just as soon as I have more time ha ha. Namaste x

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