Time has been a big problem for me recently, I’ve never been so busy. I have a lot of thoughts stored up in my head but haven’t had the time to put them in writing and in so doing get rid of them. However here goes, just a small part of what’s up there. The Gozitan’s are an unusual people and Gozo is a unique place, why? Some 400 years ago the whole population hid up in the Citadella from the Moors. The Moors captured all but a few hundred of the island’s total population and sold them into slavery.

Today the result of that traumatic event is in my opinion evident in the traditions that the population engage in. Loud fireworks, Hidden houses, no respect for banks (cash is king). The list goes on and on. First of all loud fireworks. When the loud bangs happened tonight (and every other night this week), I noticed that no-one enjoyed the noise. Quite the opposite they all looked in pain. So why do this? Well if you were being invaded by a huge powerful army or attacked by devils wouldn’t you want them to think you were more powerful than you were? Hence the load bangs, they were enough to scare the devil himself away.

What about their houses. The outside looks like an old shabby garage, but once inside its marble and gold leaf, a palace. Surely this is an example of their habit of not displaying their wealth and hiding away from the outside world.

Everyone distrusts banks, Gozitan’s are no different and they prefer to keep their cash under the mattress. Having had experience of the banks here I can understand why. The people here aren’t exactly forthcoming, but I’ve made many Gozitan friends on the island that I’m convinced is the tip of the mountain of Atlantis.

Now it’s 10pm at night and still the explosions are going off continuously, this really is quite annoying I’d like to get my hands on the throats of those that are doing this. I can hear babies crying in the background. Whatever the reason, religious, legend, custom whatever, this is crap. All I want is to get to sleep. Police do your job get them to shut the F up.


Well enough for now but there is so much to cover. I will add to this in due course. PEACE x

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