The MOST important story never told

I may never finish writing this post, the story behind it continues to develop year on year day by day. In many ways it’s connected to a book of ‘fiction’ I was intending to write (The Bank of Atlantis)  but so far haven’t ‘got around to it’. There are many conspiracy theories doing the rounds, whether it’s who controls the banks, who’s behind all of these unexplained deaths, manipulation in politics, why we have wars etc., and most people just either shrug their shoulders and say there’s nothing they can do about it or worse still just use them for ‘entertainment value’. but connect the dots and don’t be surprised if you find that most of these theories have a commonality. There is an unseen power controlling what we do in all spheres of our life we just don’t see it, some people call it the New World Order.

Yep there are the super rich and influential, but the power doesn’t rest with them, the power is……………(stay tuned for the secret)

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