GOZO customer service part 1, the Good the Bad and the (I haven’t made up my mind yet) read part 2 coming soon..

img_4057Since I came to Gozo I have been amazed at the variation in customer service. One thing you CAN say about the US is that they believe in good customer service. When they failed me badly I inevitably took them to court and with their system won fairly good payouts. However as I have been told the legal system in Malta is very time consuming I prefer not to get involved in that time and expense…. but we shall see.

TOP OF THE LIST FOR GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE…Ta Pinu Pharmacy, I have written about the service that Marica at Pa Pinu has given me in other posts and she only get better as time goes by. The pharmacy is relatively new opened 2015 and like my own business The Divine LOVE Tea shop has no doubt had some tough times but you can always rely on Marica to give you 100%. She is a smart and attractive young lady unfortunately for this old man engaged to Karl haha.

They are followed by GO mobile phones and quite a few others, who will be highlighted in part 2.

TOP OF THE LIST FOR BAD CUSTOMER SERVICEBanif Bank, One of the first posts I wrote was about HSBC or How Stupid Bankers Can be I made it quite clear at the time some of their failings and as usual pulled no punches but they have settled down and are about to have the honor haha of having my business account after months of being messed around by Banif. I wrote to the chairman only to get a long boring and defencive monologue about what I her customer did wrong etc etc. Well when you ring Banif you get a message that says the conversation will be recorded, so I did the same. I may post that at some stage..maybe part 2.

Next on the BAD list is Lidl, they are the biggest (but not the best) grocery chain in Gozo.They are totally disorganized. Never a manager available (or so they say), always lines of people at the cash outs, when the staff are stood around looking busy? So here we go Lidl (and Lidl’s chairman). I’ve had lot’s of run ins with your shop but the latest while it wasn’t by far the worst was THE FINAL STRAW. Today I bought a vacuum cleaner, Maria my cleaner has managed really well without so far 10/10 Maria. But when I returned to my house in Gharb from Victoria we found they not only forgot to give me the adapter (so I got another from my shop) but the damn thing didn’t work. We sat for ages trying to figure it out but no joy. So I get it repacked into the box and set off for Victoria (all this time my shop which we donate all profits to charity has to remain closed and we are losing money).I arrive at the shop and explain the problem, the guy wasn’t the sharpest pencil in the box so I asked for the manager, as usual no manager. Who’s in charge, blank look. Are you in charge, big nod err yes? OK then this is what has happened so I go over everything. Just take it and get a new one. Now under normal circumstance that wouldn’t be a problem but what if the new one doesn’t work can you try it for me and make sure it works?NO!

So I go to the LONG line of people at the checkout (my tea shop is still closed). Its painfully slow so off I go with the useless cleaner and rush back to the shop, more €s, at this rate I won’t make enough to pay the rent (which by the way is 600 cash a month). Everything is cash in Gozo (I’m not surprised with the service the banks give) but most is to avoid paying taxes.

Finally for now, Melita Frankly I’m in no mood to have my chain yanked as they say in good ole Texas. My internet TV and Phone stopped working at home, hours spent trying to get it to work no luck so I think while I’m in Victoria (Rabat) I’ll ask hem whats the problem, I arrive at 1 minute past 6pm they are closing the door I ask if I can just tell them something NO GO AWAY they say and close the door and walk away!! I had enough, I go to GO and they are coming the next day to remove the Melita crap and install their great equipment (and at a better rate). The guy behind the counter at GO was really helpfull and gave great advice.

So now finally after a manic day the haven’t made up my mind yet list. SOME of these are very very delicate and I don’t think its in either of our interest to name those especially those with religious affiliations. But the normal day to day companies I have no issue naming (they know what I’m looking for just GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE). I am their customer not the other way around so :

  • Oh I could go on all day but I can add in Part 2. That may prove some interesting reading, I have to go now and serve late night coffee (wel every penny counts or cents as they are here)

Talk about how to win friends and influence people, sleep tight tonite.



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