Customer Service Part 3

Leeds-Bradford ‘International’ Airport.DCIM100SPORT
Well what a joke of a place this is. Its 2am in the morning people, are sleeping where they can, there are no food outlets open, not even a vending machine. Whoever is responsible for this place is doing Yorkshire a BIG disservice. So as I have nothing else to do while I’m sat here I may a well write this…Back a while in line with government recommendations, Leeds Bradford Airport published a master plan. However, since then the airport has been privatised and the new plans of Bridgepoint Capital deviate in areas from the masterplan. The plans that Bridgepoint Capital published were approved by Leeds City Council in July 2009, despite much criticism from protesters.
The plans were originally rejected by Leeds City Council on the grounds of further traffic generated from an enlarged airport. The revised plans included the provision of further bus services, however no commitment was made to invest in a rail or light rail link, although the plan continues to be considered. Incidentally, neither the previously proposed Leeds Super tram nor the currently proposed Leeds Trolleybus go to Leeds Bradford International Airport, although each would have a terminus a few miles away at Bodington Hall, Lawnswood.
So it’s a sell out by Leeds City Council, and all the new owners want is to make money at the public’s expense.So asking for a reason for this well I guess the most senior man we could consider responsible is William Jackson, he is after all based in London and a managing partner (
You know to add insult to injury you even have to pay to get access to drop passengers off. Getting into the place is a nightmare and once you’re in OMG if it’s outside ‘normal hours’ (whatever normal hours are for an airport), then don’t forget to bring food and water, and wrap up well.

Never again will I travel via Leeds Bradford and until they sort their act out I suggest you don’t either.


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