Connecting the dots

There are times that I have to stand back and question if what I am seeing and hearing is true. Coming from a background in Public Relations I know only too well the art of twisting the truth and making people believe what you or your group want them to believe. Edward Bernays was considered the father of PR. He developed a technique called ‘The Overton Window’ which was a process of moving people’s opinion to a point where you could manipulate what they believed AND IT WORKS VERY WELL!

We now have a situation where even the President of the USA Donald Trump continually denounces ‘fake news’. But what is fake news? I watch impressive documentaries and read compelling posts on Facebook and click the links to check out the proof to make sure I’m not being fed fake information, but who’s to say these links are giving us the truth? All I know is that if all this ‘stuff’ is true then why aren’t we doing something about it.

I have a large family scattered around the world some of them simply say “well there’s nothing I can do about it so I’ll just ignore it” and who can blame them? Other’s in the family are very vocal and active, getting quite stirred up about the issues that face us all today, and I can also see their point of view. Maybe just maybe, the people who are trying to control us are either being honest and want to ‘prepare’ us for this new age, or maybe they are trying to sow so much doubt that we argue among ourselves and never reach a final conclusion. My blog has covered lots of these issues in previous posts and there’s no point in going into such things as extra-terrestrial life etc. I guess its up to each one of us to reach our own opinion.

Sure it may appear selfish or not wanting to be an ‘activist’ but to some degree we all suffer from a small amount of selfishness. As an example I join what is currently a small group of people in a local tranquil place every Monday night to talk about all sorts of issues (and not necessarily controversial subjects). The group recently has been quite small and I know in my heart (because of my marketing and PR experience) what needs to be done to increase attendance. But selfishly I think if we have too many people attending, then we couldn’t discus whatever it was in such great depth, and our talks are always interesting and thought provoking. So what is the answer? If anyone out there knows I’d love to know. We all continue to share what we believe to be true, but at the same time are in danger of spreading misinformation, We get trapped in propaganda and I for one don’t want to get sucked into that again (I had enough of that in PR).

I have my views and beliefs on most of the issues that are challenging us today, why are we here, the meaning of life, who really pulls the strings. You know at the end of the day we are here for just the blink of an eye, I happen to believe in reincarnation, but I’m not going to force feed you and make you believe what I (and billions of others) believe.

I was once asked when I was learning to meditate how I prepared for meditation “I write blogs I said, once I’ve got these thoughts out of my head and pressed the button off they go and I can clear my mind” it seems to work, but I’ve since been taught by an expert who’s instructed me in meditation (my Guru) so even here there are options available.

So now I’ve finished my post, my mind is clear, I’m off to “meditate “(maybe that will give me the answers) Peace and Love Shanti.

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