OK it really takes a lot to get me angry these days, but I want to warn everyone about the risk to your domains.
I bought my business domain in 2003 It turned out to be a very successful name for the company I opened, the name came about because I was a British Anglo working in the USA. Also I’d just finished working with a company called Anglo-Dutch so the name was obvious.
However, in July 2017 I am told by Yahoo small business services that I should have received an email asking for me to supply some details. I must have missed this email amongst the many I receive on my 3 email accounts. Maybe they sent it to my email address which they closed?

Now there is an obscure organization called ICANN and they are linked to another WHOIS. Because I failed to respond they have hijacked my domain along with my business causing untold damages. Clearly I can’t continue unless they return my domain.
The payments I have made alone to Yahoo or (Aabaco) as they are sometimes called, are huge and Yahoo in its dithering on what to call themselves, Yahoo Small business Services are not making it any easier.
So I have now spent days trying to get them to return my business domain and do you know what? I won’t give up!
This is a clear case of the big boys walking over the little guys (ME) and it must be stopped. I’m not sure their reasoning on this particular domain (as I own several) maybe they’ve had a good offer for the domain. We shall no doubt find out in due course in the meantime if anyone out there has any advice please let me know.

THEIR CHAIRMAN Dr Stephen Crocker seen here appears to be a reasonable chap and we can’t have our eyes everywhere so maybe when he gets this blog he can sort my problem out with his massive team….



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