The Final Straw

very related to screwed not once but twice


19592_950860048272154_4818401417558252622_nHow have you used this phrase ‘that was the FINAL straw’, I have and I can remember several times in my life when I used them on what are now insignificant others. There comes a time when just one insignificant event tips the balance of our emotions and that final straw that broke the camels back comes into play. In my case I involved my two ex wives and even though I’m not totally sure why, I think I’ll share what were very private experiences. The first “Final Straw” took hold with my wife of 30 years, we met in Hull England I was 23 she was 40, she had 6 kids and now I can see what she wanted help bring up her kids. OK no problem and I’m not saying I’m 100% correct but that’s what it appears to be, looking back, and as she will no longer talk to…

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