Strange day’s indeed


Have you ever had one of those Aha moments?

Well this has been one of those days……………….

I have many teachers and have had many in the past, some good some bad but if we are wise we will sort out the wheat from the chaff. Prabhu Darma Yasa has been a blessing for me and I owe my lovely sunshine for introducing him to me. Buddha has been a great inspiration and has kept me moving towards my Nirvana, Even going back 60 years I remember Miss Stevenson my teacher at Mersey Park infant school. I like to think I’m a teacher YES I am and I hope things like my blog will help teach YOU.

SO to the crux of it. I arrived in Gozo 2016 as damaged goods, My ex in Texas had taken everything from me including my will to live. One of the first places I went to was the Lotus Tal Qalb in Gharb. I thought I was safe wrong you can be.

Recently I was banned (after years of giving my time money and energy to this place). It purports to be a Health & Well-being Centre) BEWARE it will make you sick. It has many secrets and we all know “secrets make you sick”. There are BAD people here beware of wolves in sheeps clothing’. Now I understand why locals and the Catholic church steer clear. I even brought my Guru who was here from Bali to talk, Prabhu gave his time and love even though he had battled a storm to get there and yet they banned me?? Why..AHA I now know why! And the truth is quite disturbing.

More information is available on request please see donation for below.

For the ashram and advice

I have always given freely but there are so many worthy causes so if you want advice donate what you can .


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