Passing Time

Ego I hear, I always related ego as  someone who was showing off. I guess we all show off now and then, that’s what Facebook and Blogs encourage. BUT what if you have a really important message to pass on?

We all feel our messages wherever they come from should be heard, and Facebook and blogging has made that possible but for how much longer? When I started using Facebook and blogging both were in their infancy, no auto correct no artificial intelligence so now the internet is swamped with stuff most of which is detritus. Maybe now is the time to talk “all we need to do is keep talking” talk for gods sake.

I’ve been attending a festival this weekend, I’m there again tomorrow, a lots of what I . heard and saw was great but some of it was utter crap “Beware of the half truth you may have got the wrong half”.

Fake news abounds, Donald Trump I think coined that phrase (correct me if I’m wrong). The Loonies really are running the asylum (I should know it takes one to know one).

Veganism vs Meat eaters any views? Drugs in spirituality any views?21766782_767469053456634_8455929474264272892_n



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