What a few weeks this has been, I have just had my first good nights sleep after 5 nights with none. I will briefly explain. I have ongoing issues with PayPal who appear to be unable to fix my account I have money in the account but need to close it as I am told by them I have to reopen the account in Malta (but after hours trying to fix this including email, chat line and phone calls) I am still without control. Now this is not my problem but theirs its now costing me money (I wonder if I will get compensation?) we shall see.

My little car has been busy, its not very well with an electronic fault my garage is waiting for the part, the car moved like a kangaroo and cuts out at the worst time like leaving the Gozo ferry, nevertheless I am doing my customization to spruce it up and already its looking very good thanks to House of Kolor.

My airBnb guests had serious health problems and I’ve been to Malta and back several time to help them, but as they say “God helps those who help themselves). My Guru (teacher) Prabhu Darma Yasa is in Malta and despite several attempts once again I’ve been unable to meet him, he goes back to Bali soon.

Lots of other strange things have been happening which would take too long to explain, as John Lennon says Strange days Indeed.

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