There’s been a lot of talk recently about loneliness and also stress affecting our health, suicide rates continue to rise in particular amongst the younger generation, could the lack of challenges affect us in the same way? In older times I’m sure that these symptoms wouldn’t have been so clear. Now I admit to all three of these conditions of Loneliness Stress and lack of Challenge. Its been a progressive affect on me for many years, I’ve suffered from insomnia, attempted suicide, been hospitalised for physical problems, had a pacemaker fitted which went wrong and needed replacement and I have been under psychiatric care, well not so much now as I’m developing the middle path.

WHY? I asked myself have all of these things crept up on me, well I think I understand as far as loneliness is concerned I now live alone for the 1st time in my life, my Facebook connections started dropping off so I wasn’t hearing from friends etc. When it came to stress well lack of income, problems with taxes, people scamming me stealing from me was severely affecting my sleep. The effects of a divorce plunged me into the depth of suicide which as I’m writing this now clearly wasn’t successful (thanks to my sisters).

However, tonight I suddenly realised that all these problems were challenges in one way or another. In this modern time we aren’t faced with the same kind of challenges we were faced with in older times. We are no longer hunter/gatherers we sit watch TV, have our food delivered or eat in restaurants, play on the internet etc.

So maybe its the lack of CHALLENGE which is the root cause, the lack of Peace and Love, being told lies either directly or through fake news. In the old days we communicated face to face, not anymore. I have family and friends who for example don’t use Facebook and they’re relatively happy, I relied on Facebook to keep in touch then suddenly I start having problems with my Facebook account, was Mark Zuckerberg the great Satan, lulling us into believing that Facebook was the only way to stay connected.

Well I can only put this theory for you to judge, after all I’m known as The Crazy Brit so I think maybe its more appropriate for you to give your thoughts. I’d truly appreciate a response from YOU my reader even if its a “well you’re bloody crazy” Synchronicity has played a great part in my life just tonight watching the BBC the word CHALLENGES kept coming up, that’s what inspired this brief post. Goodnight sleep tight don’t let the bed bugs bite.

2 thoughts on “CHALLENGES

  1. First of all, thank you for following me. Your own blog looks very interesting, just followed you back too!
    Second, thanks for reblogging my post about Hope and Despair. Perhaps not a post that entirely fits my headline, but it’s what came into my head at the time.
    Your own post here is spot on, the issue of challenges or a lack of them is a big one. Retirement is great, but I certainly had to find ways of existence that replaced my hectic professional life but didn’t make me part of the “Forever Young Brigade” (I blogged about that a couple of years back having taken it from an American philosopher who went to live on a Greek island, I must find it!). Writing and blogging has been a good way of providing challenges, as well as reading and travelling. Our Tour of England was a series of 3-4 day trips to visit various historic and heritage industrial sites spread across 2 years which was a challenge in lots of different ways, and great fun too.
    Anyway, Keep Calm And Carry On, I look forward to reading your posts, Buddhist or otherwise.


  2. Yeah, in past times, you had to do stuff. Now, we have it easy but I guess we still have that desire to do stuff. I usually like to sit on my couch and live in my laptop. I’m adjusting to this modern world. It’s pretty sweet.


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