The Art of War Part 2b

I think I should keep this brief, people are scared and there is much misinformation out there. Bill Gates is branded as the man to blame, yet on the face of it he seems to be a nice guy wanting to use his riches to help the world. WHAT DO YOU THINK?

I’ve been busy on Facebook trying to unearth some of the facts (and remove the fiction), it’s a tough call. Whether B.G is indeed trying to create a 1 world government with his immense influence in China, WHO (The World Health Organisation) and many other philanthropic causes is for every one of us to make our own decision.

As I’ve said before there’s nothing to fear but fear itself (author unknown) but for many these are truly fearful times. So maybe its best to just suggest we all smile try to stay happy BUT IF you want to do your own research get going take care Peace and Love

The Art of War is a perfect blue print for what’s happening today with the corona virus. I used the following books translation


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