The art of war (part 2)

I strongly suggest reading part 1 before part 2 as I have changed my views since writing it. Many things have happened recently and its become clear to me that its essential to check facts before spreading what may be ‘fake news’. After I had a fall and broke my shoulder I’ve been unable to use my right hand, this made me more aware of those who suffer even more disabilities with their every day life.

One of the other effects was being prescribed a medication which gave me vivid dreams and woke me at all hours. This made me reflect on part 1 and hence the need for part 2. Today on the BBC (which I watch daily) I saw that women leaders have handled the Covid 19 crisis better than men. This doesn’t surprise me at all, I’ve always believed women make better politicians than us men, with one or two exceptions they have more empathy and a nurturing instinct.

I make no secret that I try hard to be a Buddhist, this in my opinion is not a religion but a way of life, to follow the middle path. Buddha himself never asked to be worshiped he was a teacher, we can all become Buddha’s as I was once advised. Guru’s too are teachers they shouldn’t be treated like god’s and maybe there should be more women Guru’s (I have one or two that I would nominate). I feel that god or whatever higher power you believe in is inside ourselves, no reason to blame any outside interference. Religion has and still is a dividing factor in our world. People who declare themselves as devout in whatever religion they practice many times turn out to be charlatans. Practice what you preach I say and if you want peace and love, then live it.

Enough said by me, what do you think?

2 thoughts on “The art of war (part 2)

    1. A very good point we really do need to consider. Each abd everyone of us needs to reach our own conclusion but there’s so much misinformation out there one has to consider motive?


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