When it comes to the so called special relationship between the UK/US it is certainly one sided. During WW2 the UK was supported by the so called lend lease. The US supplied the UK with much needed supplies to fight the German’s but it came at an enormous cost. The US at one stage wanted British protected islands in return for the deal, we of course refused so in the end the UK agreed to repay in cash. After the war it was repaid in cash and the UK finally repaid the loan in the 60s. So what did the US do with this money, most went into the Marshal plan giving Germany and Japan huge economic support to rebuild their industries. So that left the UK with badly war damaged industries such as shipbuilding to compete against the losers. We should maybe have sat back and let Hitler take over the world.

There was always an agenda by the USA to reduce the strength of the British Empire, they wanted to become the world number 1 power, which they did and what a mess they made of it. Unnecessary wars, capitalism before people and the effects are still felt today. As someone who worked in the US for 10 years I’ve seen the effects from both sides. America thinks its achieved what it wanted ‘world domination’ but look out ‘guy’s China is showing a growing influence with their particular brand of communism.

I’d really like people to do their own research to connect the dots. Don’t take my word for it, fact check.


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