Has anyone ever asked where were you when such n such happened? Where were you when Princes Diana was killed, where were you when John Lennon was shot? Where were you when the twin towers came down? I’ll add another, where were you when democracy in the USA was challenged by Trump thugs. 6th January 2021 (I was in bed).

Perhaps not so strangely I couldn’t get to sleep (this past 6 months has been a personally challenging year for me with a broken shoulder so sleep is just one of the things I’ve had very little of). But what I saw when I switched on the TV the capital building being stormed by what on the face of it appeared to include some “normal” people was CRAZY. At a time when the world is threatened with so many things, pandemic, climate change etc. these actions played right into the hands of the other global threat CHINA!

Now I’ve mentioned this before but after 10 years in the US (I’m so glad I’m not there anymore, and I’m sure there are some there that are glad I’m not too), I spent a short time with the police and that just about made my mind up for me, there is no equality in the USA, racism is rife, injustice prevails and as the country that is supposed to be the model for a democracy forget it.

I admit that when Trump ran for office I was persuaded by what I now recognize as misinformation (fake news) to support him. Hilary Clinton was considered the person chosen by the New World Order to start the 3rd world war. In the North of England a trump is also referred to as a small fart. There’s certainly something smelly about all of this.


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