Passing Time

Ego I hear, I always related ego as  someone who was showing off. I guess we all show off now and then, that’s what Facebook and Blogs encourage. BUT what if you have a really important message to pass on?

We all feel our messages wherever they come from should be heard, and Facebook and blogging has made that possible but for how much longer? When I started using Facebook and blogging both were in their infancy, no auto correct no artificial intelligence so now the internet is swamped with stuff most of which is detritus. Maybe now is the time to talk “all we need to do is keep talking” talk for gods sake.

I’ve been attending a festival this weekend, I’m there again tomorrow, a lots of what I . heard and saw was great but some of it was utter crap “Beware of the half truth you may have got the wrong half”.

Fake news abounds, Donald Trump I think coined that phrase (correct me if I’m wrong). The Loonies really are running the asylum (I should know it takes one to know one).

Veganism vs Meat eaters any views? Drugs in spirituality any views?21766782_767469053456634_8455929474264272892_n



Las Vegas


I’ve been to Las Vegas on business and pleasure for many years I think its only right that I record some of the occasions (they say what goes on in Vegas stays in Vegas) well maybe not. First Vegas shows, the Beatles LOVE show certainly made a lasting impression on me so much so I opened a tea shop in Gozo called the Divine LOVE tea shop. I took family there to see in the new millennium 2000. But most of all I worked there and that’s were I had my baptism of fire in sin city.


Working in Vegas was fun but hard work, I remember my 1st exhibition when I went to work on the Turtle Wax stand, I took a black suit for the day and casual clothes for the evening. After the 1st day the US guys asked me to go out on the town I didn’t have time to change, we went to dinner, a show and then to Glitter Gulch. I’d never seen anything like this before we walked in and the place was packed with women all scantily clad. I stood back not knowing what to do. The next moment a tap on my shoulder, “Hi are you John” err yes, well I’ve come to give you a private dance. Err no you’re OK love I’ve just arrived and am just looking. No she said those guys over there have already paid for the dance. I looked over and there were all the blokes I was with laughing and giving the thumbs up. Malcome ran over to tell me what to do, sit on your hands that way you won’t touch?

The next morning I was on the stand and people started saying well we know were you were last night, Glitter Gulch. The ladies there painted their ample bodies with glitter and tons had rubbed off over my suit, I looked like Liberace sparkling in the floodlights.


                     NOW HOK149761_175475369134315_87769_n 1486698_767120356636477_135109494_n

Jon Kosmoski the founder of HOK called me Basil after Basil Fawlty (he’d experienced my attitude to guests in my hotel and that hasn’t changed, in my AirBnb here in Gozo guests are asked to chillout and make yourself at home. Jon taught me about what he called a pussy brush (no comment but look at his chin).

So to continue Leigh Chalkley (my step son and father of Anya, Grandfather of Bodhi. This fine upstanding citizen stayed with me at the MGM during a couple of visits and did we have a laugh. After an afternoon drinking and (smoking) we decided to go downstairs, in the elevator was a young lady, Leigh “Hello we are going to the mezzanine floor how about you” She was kinda amused by this strange couple lol.


Since then I’ve been to SEMA many times for other companies and my own (anglo-america) I even donated a print for their silent auction and got top billing in the program. Now life has started to calm down somewhat (and not before time). But I can look back on those times with fond memories.

Peace & Love and all that other stuff



I wonder how may people know how Facebook started? Mark Zuckerberg  owes everything to a Brit called Tim Berners-Lee, not only him but many of the other icons of the internet do.

Sir Timothy John “Tim” Berners-Lee

WHY? Because he invented the internet without which we wouldn’t be connected in our world. So to Facebook, yesterday I decided to give Facebook a rest I’m always on it so today I did other stuff, but turning on the TV and there he is being questioned by the EU in Brussels.

Think about it what would happen if Facebook closed down tomorrow?

Zuckerberg started Facebook when he was in college and was a way he thought would be cool to connect everyone there. Well it has certainly achieved that, he’s made billions just like Bill Gates reputedly the richest many in the world (actually on checking he’s the 2nd richest).



Tim Berners-Lee I’m sure has a modest bank account and I’m sure is quite happy with his lot. So tonight enough from me at least this kept me off Facebook.

Peace and Love to all


Well I was checking out YouTube and ended up watching some of George Carlin’s stuff.. That was a good performance in itself.

George Carlin was much more than an ordinary comedian more a teacher or social commentator. He uses bad language to good effect, he entertains and teaches at the same time. Enough from me check out some of his stuff:-