img_3436We talk about Peace and Love but how do we find it?

This week has been full of surprises some good some not so good. Technology and noise have been a major distraction. I’ve had unexpected offers of money, not yet taken, only to find that a company I was working with on my blog is a scam and had been withdrawing money from my account. Money has never been of particular importance to me so long as you have enough to do the things you want is really all anyone needs. So I realised that if I just sit back and allow nature to take it’s course then things will become far less stressful.

I found a site all about forests, just watching the video made me calm and I realised it’s been such a long time since I truly submersed myself in nature. The healing forest         click here is a wonderful idea and makes me want to leave right now and get into the forest. The only problem? There are no forests and very few trees here. My life right now is amazingly complex, I came to Gozo to ‘retire’ and not to get involved in something that would take even more of my time and energy. I’ve worked since I was 15 and now I’m 65 soon to be 66 that’s 50 years of work! (Now the mind may be OK but the body is very tired), so I think I should take the time to recharge these batteries. Having watched the movie ‘Healing Forest’ I think my plan to go to the ashram in Bali next year is the best idea I’ve had for a very long time.

Citadella,_Victoria_(Gozo)      IMG_3825


When I get to the ashram I know what to expect. I’ve spoken to the people there on Facebook and they’ve become my friends (good people). I’ve even seen inside the bamboo huts thanks to Gayle a young lady who published her video. But most of all Bali and the ashram is where I will find my Guru, my teacher, my brother and friend Prabhu. The teashop is the place (which with love and care) I believe will run easily and make a profit so..With all this why am I still here when I can find PEACE there? That’s because of LOVE.. I have to stop here until the projects I’m working on will work on their own or with very little intervention from others. I run a small teashop The LOVE teashop. That small teashop will become something important one day.img_4057

The LOVE teashop soon getting it’s new sign

This island of GOZO is full of surprises, it has good people and like anywhere else bad people, but trying to sort out the wheat from the chaff is really draining so it’s time for the young’uns to take over. I know I would have loved the challenge a few years back but now I need to GO. So Bye Bye for now..



IMG_3745.JPGI think I’ve said quite enough about me in previous posts (I hear cheers in the background) perhaps you the reader would like to be heard? All you have to do is post a comment below (as long as you like) and I’ll make sure it gets ample coverage. Ladies if you want to send photos that would be very nice, the more revealing the better (whoops I’ve started already and its only 4-30 in the morning). Gentlemen (Ha there are no gentlemen reading this) don’t bother, no photos of you are worth taking up any space. Sorry! But seriously, yes I can be serious now and then, for this next post I really would appreciate some involvement from some of my readers, I know a lot of you have far more knowledge of the subject than I have but I’m happy to get the ball rolling and who knows we may be able to start a forum or blog about our island Gozo that would get some traction with “the powers that be”.

Why is it that some friends always seem to have a wine glass in their hand?

Last night I joined a group of friends for the first time (as the new boy on the island) and our conversation drifted at times to the ecology and the wellbeing of this precious gem. It’s only fair to say that sometimes we don’t appreciate what we have until we lose it, and I think this can apply to (some) Gozitan’s. That’s not meant as a swipe at the locals it’s just a fact that I’ve seen wherever I’ve landed in the world. So maybe it would be a good idea for those of us that know what we’re all in danger of losing, to do something about it and create the “buzz” and try to raise awareness with the “locals” to preserve what they have before its lost forever.

Gozo is perfect for a ‘real world’ experiment at being “eco-friendly”. Just think about it, we have a small island that can only be reached by ferry, plenty of sunshine and natural resources that can sustain a sound eco community. We talked last night about electric cars the pros and cons, and we can give our views in the comments below. But to get started, I think all combustion engines could be banned from the island (now that is a controversial statement but I don’t mind controversy). OK I know the Gozitan’s are car crazy, but exceptions could be made by special licence for certain ‘antique cars’. Electric recharge points could be made available all over the island and with our sunshine they could be solar-powered (the technology is available so we just have to convince someone to pay for it) and that should be the easy part. I don’t know about you but I’d love to be sat at a roadside café without my senses being attacked by some tornado of a motorbike tearing past and further deafening this poor old CB.

The island abounds with its own natural herbs, and I know someone who knows everything about that, sadly she leaves next week, but with a little encouragement I’m sure she could be persuaded to return even as a visitor to advise on the opportunities for the rich harvest we’re walking on. There are already some organic farms here I don’t know where or how many but there are companies that I know of that will help develop organic farming, Agrilicious is one, OK they’re based in Seattle USA but Duane Dahl their co-founder is a really fair entrepreneur and philanthropist and with a little encouragement I’m sure we could persuade him and his team to offer their advice if not involvement.

Already on the island some people have installed solar panels, but I see very few wind turbines and no wave technology and they could be introduced in a less intrusive way ‘cos as those of us here know there’s plenty of waves and wind here, especially when CBs had a few beers (sorry girls). This tiny unassuming island could become a mecca for ecologists around the world and a true example of what can be achieved, the only barrier we have is apathy, and that’s where we need to focus attention.

For those that don’t know (that’s everyone), I’m writing a semi-serious book about Gozo (now that is a first the Crazy Brit trying to be serious). My book centre’s on some of this islands wonderful resources both past, present and the future. Frenc tal Gharb is rightly considered something of a saint here for his healing abilities, he has his own Facebook page, there’s a museum here in my little village of ? Well, I said I’d let the cat out of the bag in my last post so yes it’s GHARB (but please don’t swarm here we can do without all you cheapskates coming in your polluting cars and stuff). I’m sure resurrecting the healing properties of the island’s natural resources would be a fitting epitaph to Frenc tal Gharb’s memory, and I know he’s is admired by everyone here, so why not?

The fact of the matter is that this whole subject is way too big to cover in one simple blog post, especially by someone who’s new to the island, so if there’s anyone out there that cares (and I know there are) then let’s start a campaign to make Gozo green, now there’s a good campaign slogan Gozo Green or GREEN GOZO. And that come’s from someone dare I say, that’s come up with a few of those (in his dark shadowy past). Oh crap I hope the FBI don’t see this. So the newbie on the island is gonna shut up now (cheers all around) and pass it on to comments (even just good or bad) from the audience after all as the new boy round here I’m still learning.

I was asked yesterday what would happen to all the old cars and wouldn’t the owners be unhappy about having them banned? Understandable (I have one too at the moment) I suggested that the government/EU/Private investors could fund a free exchange program new electric car for old petrol car (new lamps for old) I don’t know about other residents but I’d quite like a new electric car and if Mr Sebastian Thrun (ex Google and inventor of the driver-less car) gets involved they could even be driver-less, imagine that just jump in the car say home James and chill out. Whatever next….hmmm this would be nice>>Facebook-20140818-042110


That’s all from me folks now it’s up to you PEACE x

John Paul Chalkley aka The Crazy Brit