Passing Time

Ego I hear, I always related ego as  someone who was showing off. I guess we all show off now and then, that’s what Facebook and Blogs encourage. BUT what if you have a really important message to pass on?

We all feel our messages wherever they come from should be heard, and Facebook and blogging has made that possible but for how much longer? When I started using Facebook and blogging both were in their infancy, no auto correct no artificial intelligence so now the internet is swamped with stuff most of which is detritus. Maybe now is the time to talk “all we need to do is keep talking” talk for gods sake.

I’ve been attending a festival this weekend, I’m there again tomorrow, a lots of what I . heard and saw was great but some of it was utter crap “Beware of the half truth you may have got the wrong half”.

Fake news abounds, Donald Trump I think coined that phrase (correct me if I’m wrong). The Loonies really are running the asylum (I should know it takes one to know one).

Veganism vs Meat eaters any views? Drugs in spirituality any views?21766782_767469053456634_8455929474264272892_n



Las Vegas


I’ve been to Las Vegas on business and pleasure for many years I think its only right that I record some of the occasions (they say what goes on in Vegas stays in Vegas) well maybe not. First Vegas shows, the Beatles LOVE show certainly made a lasting impression on me so much so I opened a tea shop in Gozo called the Divine LOVE tea shop. I took family there to see in the new millennium 2000. But most of all I worked there and that’s were I had my baptism of fire in sin city.


Working in Vegas was fun but hard work, I remember my 1st exhibition when I went to work on the Turtle Wax stand, I took a black suit for the day and casual clothes for the evening. After the 1st day the US guys asked me to go out on the town I didn’t have time to change, we went to dinner, a show and then to Glitter Gulch. I’d never seen anything like this before we walked in and the place was packed with women all scantily clad. I stood back not knowing what to do. The next moment a tap on my shoulder, “Hi are you John” err yes, well I’ve come to give you a private dance. Err no you’re OK love I’ve just arrived and am just looking. No she said those guys over there have already paid for the dance. I looked over and there were all the blokes I was with laughing and giving the thumbs up. Malcome ran over to tell me what to do, sit on your hands that way you won’t touch?

The next morning I was on the stand and people started saying well we know were you were last night, Glitter Gulch. The ladies there painted their ample bodies with glitter and tons had rubbed off over my suit, I looked like Liberace sparkling in the floodlights.


                     NOW HOK149761_175475369134315_87769_n 1486698_767120356636477_135109494_n

Jon Kosmoski the founder of HOK called me Basil after Basil Fawlty (he’d experienced my attitude to guests in my hotel and that hasn’t changed, in my AirBnb here in Gozo guests are asked to chillout and make yourself at home. Jon taught me about what he called a pussy brush (no comment but look at his chin).

So to continue Leigh Chalkley (my step son and father of Anya, Grandfather of Bodhi. This fine upstanding citizen stayed with me at the MGM during a couple of visits and did we have a laugh. After an afternoon drinking and (smoking) we decided to go downstairs, in the elevator was a young lady, Leigh “Hello we are going to the mezzanine floor how about you” She was kinda amused by this strange couple lol.


Since then I’ve been to SEMA many times for other companies and my own (anglo-america) I even donated a print for their silent auction and got top billing in the program. Now life has started to calm down somewhat (and not before time). But I can look back on those times with fond memories.

Peace & Love and all that other stuff



Today 9th May will always be Sophie’s day to me. So many things have happened today yes it’s my ex business partners birthday, but much more than this has happened today. I started the day reaching out to Lidia my Sophie lookalike everyone says she reminds them of Meryl Streep(my favourite actress) who played Sophie in this my all time favourite film and she is the spitting image.17-meryl-streep.w600.h315.2x
LIDIACoincidence? I was in contact some time ago by a lady in California who had a copy of Rudyard Kipling’s book which will contain IF my mantra for life. The book is now on it’s way to me. So tonight I went online to find a rare copy of Sophie’s Choice and that too is on its way. The film was voted Meryl Steep’s No. 1 movie and the story which starts with her choice of which child she had to sacrifice to the ovens in Auschwitz is a real heart-breaker. Sophie’s Day will always be celebrated by me, a gathering of so many circumstances, beauty, war, death and many other things.

Now I am tired and I must sleep tonight, tomorrow is another day, a day of attorney’s and what not. So my dear readers consider yourself lucky you will never have to make a choice like Sophie the “ultimate choice”. I hope Doctor Lidia has a great birthday and we may never meet again, I know that’s what she prefers, and I will respect that, I’ve troubled her too much and I’m sure my Facebook friends are tired of my posts but so what.

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Now we can hope for a better life and the ultimate search for Nirvana Peace and Love



You can visit to enjoy and make your contribution. Why did I start this? Well someone once told me we were soulmates, I mistook that as a relationship kinda thing. As it turns out she (who is a Russian Doctor) said we were once in opposing armies and both of us men. During the battle she/he saved my life.

Strange but true, we have argued since as one would expect with a Russian and a Brit just getting back from 10 years in the US. BUT the point is soulmates are real, I know my Old English Sheepdog was a soulmate and my Dove (Peace)


 is definitely a soul mate. Lets share your thought and experiences.



The MOST important story never told

After agreeing to a civilized divorce my now ex wife took everything and then married husband No 5 (good luck Danny Cochran) may god protect.This is my ex (who isn’t “god fearing”) s200_melody.gillespie_chalkleyOK we all know she was abused as a child (very sad) but having spoken to professionals they say that’s no excuse for what she did.


She persuaded me to sign a “post marital agreement” 2 weeks later she constructs a showdown and insists I leave what is legally now her home. I was thrown into confusion and ended up living in Main St Dallas (near the grassy knowl).

Talking of which Melody Gillespie as she now calls herself was surrounded by criminals. A guy who attacked me Mike Trapp was living with her before the ink was even dry on the divorce papers. Having recently been released for prison after 25 years for armed bank robbery (extended ‘ços he escaped) he was also found carrying POT which was for her according to her (although I’m not sure whatever she says is true.

I can tell all but that would get her jailed along with some of her chums. SO WAKE UP MELODY. Do the right thing, legally you ain’t gotta leg to stand on.






Becoming a Buddha Part 3

Well what a couple of days. It all started on Thursday 4th May 2017. I decided to take Lidia’s advice (my Nemesis) and stay in Malta before getting my flight to the UK and get a taxi to the airport. Let’s face it I’m going to be away for around a month so to park in the airport would cost around €600. The last time I flew from Malta I was away 10 days and it cost more for the car park than the flight!!

So the journey started with me arranging for Maria to take care of Peace while I’m away. She was happy to agree and has already been well rewarded. I get to the ferry terminal and get a message from Charlotte my German friend “John when can you take the rest of the barbecue away?” I’d part dismantled the very big and heavy barbecue in her house and moved the lighter part to the roof garden that I’m making on the roof of my house. The base needs at least 2 men to move. Sorry Charlotte on my way to the UK. Her reply 😦 (Now I feel guilty). But I find the hotel very easily with my phone’s satellite navigation system. Checking in and parking my car outside was OK so I decide to go and have an early dinner a delicious pizza just 20-30 paces from the hotel. I go for a swim and then try to get some sleep. No chance! So perhaps I should do some work on the phone, I go downstairs to find an outlet as the charger won’t work in my room. Sitting outside the Chinese massage parlor in the hotel foyer I decide to have a 30 minute aromatherapy session. The Chinese lady says get ready and I’ll come back in. I hear her on the phone shouting at her husband about dinner haha. I joke about it when she comes in. I go back to my room I must get some sleep I nap but I wake around 1-30am and decide to go on my small balcony for a coffee, just as I step into the fresh air Prabhu sends a reply to my previous message, he will arrange for me to be picked up at the airport when I get to Bali. I close the door but it locks behind me. Oh holy crap… I’m stuck on the small balcony in my pajamas (but I have my phone), I surf the net for the hotel number and call the reception. Help please I’ve locked myself on the balcony! Haha the lady says I’ll come and let you in, she enters my room I can see her through the glass door and opens up. Thank you so much, are you the lady that made the reservation for me, we start talking, I explain I live in Gozo and am going via the UK to Bali to my Guru’s Ashram. Who’s your Guru, Prabhu DarmaYasa, Oh Lidia she say’s?? Do you know Lidia?, yes she says, I explain that Lidia used to be my partner (BUSINESS partner) that is. We talk for quite some time, I give her one of Prabhu’s books, clearly there was a divine guidance to do so.

I decide there’s no way I’m going to get any sleep so start looking at Facebook, I see a post from Velvet my granddaughter in-law in California, I comment she comments back for once (Velvet and I have slightly different political views to put it mildly), then another from Chuthima in Thailand, Velvet’s mother in law, (my daughter in law) this is getting quite complicated I’ll explain later haha. Messages then start coming in from all over the world. It’s amazing how ‘messenger’ helps you keep in touch. I’m writing this on the airplane time for a break the battery is almost drained.

Well it’s now the 10th May and I’m sat in Sarah (my daughter) house in Hull UK. I’m waiting to go to the bank to collect some currency for Bali. I leave tomorrow and will be in Bali about a day later. So I’m traveling from Hull to London Heathrow by train, then Heathrow to Denpasar (Bali) via Singapore and then to the Ashram. Then I expect I will have very little time to go ‘online’ so I will quite probably be ‘absent’ for some time (yes I know Oh good you are saying). This part of my journey to become a Buddha is hopefully going to answer many of the questions I have and maybe heal my body and spirit, who knows I may even find the answer to Nirvana, who knows? Whatever happens I’m sure the story will continue to fascinate maybe not you but certainly me.

Bye for now Love and Peace.