The importance of 3


I realised tonight how important the number three has been in my life. Born the 3rd child in my family, my number used for Angka Meditation is 3 (which until now has been a secret), my car registration number is 306 3+6=9 divide that by 3 =3. The list goes on and on so why 3. I have the 3 wise monkey’s in my room and 3 cats given to my by my Guru’s sister Githa.20180508_193926.jpg

Three was never my lucky number, I was asked by my dearest friend an ex business partner Lidia Babenko to pick a number between 1 and 9 when she taught me Angka meditation out of the blue I picked 3. My Guru Darma Yasa say’s its a special number and its proving out to be that way.

Time will tell, its just turned 3 am here so time to try and sleep.