Today 9th May will always be Sophie’s day to me. So many things have happened today yes it’s Lidia’s birthday but much more than this has happened today. I started the day reaching out to Lidia my Sophie (everyone said she reminded them of Meryl Streep) who played Sophie in this my all time favourite film and she is the spitting image.17-meryl-streep.w600.h315.2x
LIDIAI was in contact some time ago by a lady in California who had a copy of Rudyard Kipling’s book which will contain IF my mantra for life. The book is now on it’s way to me. So tonight I went online to find a rare copy of Sophie’s Choice and that too is on its way. The film was voted Meryl Steep’s No. 1 movie and the story which starts with her choice of which child she had to sacrifice to the ovens in Auschwitz is a real heart-breaker. I cried more than ever I have today and smiled at the same time. Sophie’s Day will always be celebrated by me, a gathering of so many circumstances, beauty, war, death and many other things.

Now I am tired and I must sleep tonight, tomorrow is another day, a day of attorney’s and what not. so my dear readers consider yourself lucky you will never have to make a choice like Sophie the “ultimate choice”. I hope Lidia has a great birthday and we may never meet again, I know that’s what she prefers, and I will respect that, I’ve troubled her too much and I’m sure my Facebook friends are tired of today’s posts but so what.

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Now we can hope for a better life and the ultimate search for Nirvana Peace and Love