The Art of War Part 3 (The endgame)


Before reading this ask yourself do you want to know, these are purely my thoughts (and let’s face it I’m just a crazy Brit).

With all of the world in disarray due to the corona virus it must be noted that China is coming out of the effects this pandemic has brought (and I believe they are responsible for). Just watching the news shows their leader smiling while the chaos continues. Vaccines are said to be in danger of failing, supply is short and the efficacy is being questioned. China has always continued to flout reasonable behavior having invaded Tibet early on and so it continues to claim even more territories. Could this be their endgame, if it is what can we do? Xi Jinping looks like a man on a mission a very dangerous mission it’s madness, MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction).


Has anyone ever asked where were you when such n such happened? Where were you when Princes Diana was killed, where were you when John Lennon was shot? Where were you when the twin towers came down? I’ll add another, where were you when democracy in the USA was challenged by Trump thugs. 6th January 2021 (I was in bed).

Perhaps not so strangely I couldn’t get to sleep (this past 6 months has been a personally challenging year for me with a broken shoulder so sleep is just one of the things I’ve had very little of). But what I saw when I switched on the TV the capital building being stormed by what on the face of it appeared to include some “normal” people was CRAZY. At a time when the world is threatened with so many things, pandemic, climate change etc. these actions played right into the hands of the other global threat CHINA!

Now I’ve mentioned this before but after 10 years in the US (I’m so glad I’m not there anymore, and I’m sure there are some there that are glad I’m not too), I spent a short time with the police and that just about made my mind up for me, there is no equality in the USA, racism is rife, injustice prevails and as the country that is supposed to be the model for a democracy forget it.

I admit that when Trump ran for office I was persuaded by what I now recognize as misinformation (fake news) to support him. Hilary Clinton was considered the person chosen by the New World Order to start the 3rd world war. In the North of England a trump is also referred to as a small fart. There’s certainly something smelly about all of this.



When it comes to the so called special relationship between the UK/US it is certainly one sided. During WW2 the UK was supported by the so called lend lease. The US supplied the UK with much needed supplies to fight the German’s but it came at an enormous cost. The US at one stage wanted British protected islands in return for the deal, we of course refused so in the end the UK agreed to repay in cash. After the war it was repaid in cash and the UK finally repaid the loan in the 60s. So what did the US do with this money, most went into the Marshal plan giving Germany and Japan huge economic support to rebuild their industries. So that left the UK with badly war damaged industries such as shipbuilding to compete against the losers. We should maybe have sat back and let Hitler take over the world.

There was always an agenda by the USA to reduce the strength of the British Empire, they wanted to become the world number 1 power, which they did and what a mess they made of it. Unnecessary wars, capitalism before people and the effects are still felt today. As someone who worked in the US for 10 years I’ve seen the effects from both sides. America thinks its achieved what it wanted ‘world domination’ but look out ‘guy’s China is showing a growing influence with their particular brand of communism.

I’d really like people to do their own research to connect the dots. Don’t take my word for it, fact check.



Trust a small word that affects us all. Who can we really trust? Here’s my view I’d be interested to know yours.

  1. Blood relatives (this doesn’t include step children most of mine have proved very disappointing).Strangely enough their children 9(my many step grandchildren have been an inspiration)
  2. Doctors sorry definitely not always get a second opinion especially in the USA where most doctors care more about $s than patients.
  3. Lawyers again never in the USA I could relate many stories of lawyers there costing me $000s for unnecessary meeting and letters. $500 an hour!!!
  4. Spiritual Leaders.We choose to believe what we want happen to believe I to believe, in the teachings of the Buddha, he never wanted to be regarded as a god but wanted to help us all achieve “The Middle Path”. Indeed many religions also believe in the teaching of this “man”.
  5. Friends. Yes this s a hard one, I’ve friends who I would trust with my life, others who have stolen from me while I trusted them…

There are many scams going on at the moment trying to get your personal details, beware, there’s no such thing as a free lunch (unless you happen to be a particular friend I’ve asked several times).

The art of war (part 2)

I strongly suggest reading part 1 before part 2 as I have changed my views since writing it. Many things have happened recently and its become clear to me that its essential to check facts before spreading what may be ‘fake news’. After I had a fall and broke my shoulder I’ve been unable to use my right hand, this made me more aware of those who suffer even more disabilities with their every day life.

One of the other effects was being prescribed a medication which gave me vivid dreams and woke me at all hours. This made me reflect on part 1 and hence the need for part 2. Today on the BBC (which I watch daily) I saw that women leaders have handled the Covid 19 crisis better than men. This doesn’t surprise me at all, I’ve always believed women make better politicians than us men, with one or two exceptions they have more empathy and a nurturing instinct.

I make no secret that I try hard to be a Buddhist, this in my opinion is not a religion but a way of life, to follow the middle path. Buddha himself never asked to be worshiped he was a teacher, we can all become Buddha’s as I was once advised. Guru’s too are teachers they shouldn’t be treated like god’s and maybe there should be more women Guru’s (I have one or two that I would nominate). I feel that god or whatever higher power you believe in is inside ourselves, no reason to blame any outside interference. Religion has and still is a dividing factor in our world. People who declare themselves as devout in whatever religion they practice many times turn out to be charlatans. Practice what you preach I say and if you want peace and love, then live it.

Enough said by me, what do you think?


I’ve always supported free speech, away from censorship…. but people are using free speech to spread hate and disharmony. ALL lives matter, human animal and even vegetable all lives matter.

Our history good and bad is recorded in statues all statues matter good and bad. Its only through history that we learn our mistakes and we have all made mistakes “let he who is without sin cast the first stone”

As  “WANABE” Buddhist I value all life and yes I value free speech as my blog should demonstrate (couldn’t miss the opportunity of a free ad).

But seriously, these ‘protests’ are so divisive they are going to backlash and that will only cause more pain and troubles for our world. WE/YOU have far more important issues to address than whether a particular statue offends you. IF it does ignore it! IF what people write ignore it! But IF you care check what you post, and as HH the Dalai Llama would probably say be happy.



What  does race mean? The colour of our skin? Where we come from? Or is it something else?

Questions are being raised and protests have broken out at the latest killing of a black man. I’m certainly no racist a black man (Rodney Brown) saved my life on Lake Dallas way back while my white stepson watched on amused. I was drowning in the middle of the lake having gone overboard ahead of some School students. I was with thinking I’d check it was OK to swim after the captain of the boat said it was. It wasn’t I quickly got drawn under by the current and unfortunately the kids didn’t wait they jumped in too. It was mayhem, the crew panicked I was moving further away from the boat Rodney took control he threw the life belt hundreds of feet and I can recall that I was quickly going under when that ring fell in front of me. Thank you Rodney!

I’ve friends of many race and colour we are all the same we all bleed red. Unfortunately racism is worldwide, in the US in particular because of its history of slavery its ingrained into the fabric of many people there, but we should remember slavery has been around for thousands of years in all its forms. I’ve seen racism myself as a retired volunteer cop in Fort Worth. Officers there (of all races) were following orders when they did what they were told, but isn’t that what the Natzi’s said when they did what they did to all of those millions of human beings in the second world war?


Russia America China Extends racism into a whole different level. Three superpowers challenging for world supremacy, they do it by subterfuge, people are suffering in all three countries simply so their politicians can gain power. Racism creates hate, hate for each other a continual struggle to gain the upper hand. Racism is global and we the human race need to understand we’re on this planet together. We have far more important things to concern ourselves with instead of the hate that some people exploit for their own ends.

Climate change, Pandemics the list goes on and on. United we stand Divided we fall, but we seem incapable of understanding that. We humans are supposed to be the intelligent species on our Earth but IF we don’t put our differences aside we’ll be removed by nature itself, the Earth of course will continue with or without the human race.

Blind Justice


Blind justice is a legal concept regarding the neutrality of the dispensing of justice, but should justice be blind?

I’ve experienced many interactions with the justice system in the USA the UK and Malta in most cases I’ve won my cause. As an ex volunteer cop and believer in fairness for all, I’ve been involved in cases against some very large companies and even when I haven’t ‘won’ the cost to one very large US company was in hundreds of thousands on dollars, and it cost me nothing apart from my time.

AT&T yes I won a case against them charging me for roaming charges when in the UK but the biggest case was when I went to the E.O.C (Equal Opportunities Commission) in a case I took against Nordstrom, one of the USA’s largest luxury department stores. The case went on for months, the FED agreed to support my case, however through some manipulation (which to this day I’ve never found out how) they got sidelined so I continued to pursue the case on my own. The reason why I was so incensed was that in the US if you suspect and don’t report child abuse you could face criminal charges and this is exactly what happened here. I had so much information that the Federal investigator said we had to narrow down some of the charges so we went with Discrimination. Once in the UK also in a previous job, I had to represent my company alone as our company in house solicitor was away. I won that case and recall the judge saying if the defendant refused to follow the contract he could be jailed wow rough justice maybe but it was well deserved.

Now this is not about blowing my own trumpet but I’m currently involved in a few skirmishes here in Gozo. I won’t bore you with all the details but one in particular involves one of the worlds largest manufacturers of Pacemakers. This company has flouted the rules around the world and I was the unfortunate recipient of one of their pacemakers which has since been removed (cut out) and replaced with another manufacturers device. I won’t name the company YET, however if they refuse to do the right thing then my campaign will continue.

This isn’t about just me its about all of us, we rely on the justice system to do the right thing, lawyers can be very tricky and I know from my US case the attorney (Kim) contacted me outside of the legal system, and being quite naive I gave her enough ammunition to save the company she was representing from being charged with a felony and that could have sent someone to prison. Clearly their chairman didn’t want that to happen and $000s were invested in the case.

Sometimes we have to keep an eye on what is really going on, as the saying goes “In the world of the blind the one eyed man is king”. Justice in all its shape and forms is essential for us all, it maintains our freedom. Now I was warned that if I published anything about this that I could be taken to court myself (but hey what can they do I’ve no money, I’m too old to be put in prison) and frankly my dear “I don’t give a damn”. Those of us that are in a position to speak out about injustice need to have our voices heard. And we need to make sure that this world is a better place for our children because “Children are our future”

Water and Public Relations Part 1

Not so long ago I was in a fancy restaurant in Malta and asked for some water, I was asked what kind and was shown a list! I chose a rather expensive bottle and was amused to find that it came from a village that I’d been visiting in the UK with the intention of buying a house. While I was looking around the village I noticed a spring of running water by the roadside and someone was filling containers with the free water from the spring. That was the very same water that the restaurant was selling for 3 euros a bottle. At the time I gave it little thought people selling something that you can get for free. Well if that isn’t good marketing what is? Water as it happens in one of the few things we need to survive along with the air we breath. Both are free (at the moment).

The power to convince people/manipulate or whatever you want to call it has been with us since the beginning of time, whether that be control of the masses or in this case finding an opportunity to just make money. Water will undoubtedly become more valuable than oil and in many places its already more expensive than a glass of the cheap house wine. So whats this all about.

The point is we used to be allowed to walk freely outside, breath in the air and enjoy our surroundings, but with this invention of “The virus” that’s been taken away from us. Religion! A Roman emperor once considered he needed a way to maintain order in his empire he came up with the new testament and picked (edited) the various parts he wanted to be published. The discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls demonstrated that there were many contradictions that we choose to ignore. This I guess is an example of one man having too much power of the rest of us.

How does this translate to our current situation? Viruses are free, bacteria is free. When I was a kid I played in the dirt, I drank water from a tap (or faucet as they say in some parts of the world) we gained a natural immunity. Now we are being told of the dangers of even going outside (and at the present time that’s quite true). Go outside without the proper authority and precautions and you can be fined, arrested or even shot! The world has gone mad, but it all boils down to Public Relations (controlling what we think). This is for everyone to consider, do we chose freedom or whatever the alternative is?

This by no means negates the fact that this virus can kill us, we have the proof of that from the “statistics”, but when all of this ‘panic’ is over I for one want to see a better world, equality, freedom and happiness.

Peace and Love



THE ART OF WAR (Part 1?)

The art of war is a very old book (5th Century BC) written by a Chinese man called  Sun Tzu (Master Sun) in it he describes how to guanrantee to win a war.

Now as it happens Covid 19 described by some as the “Chinese Virus” is doing what others have tried but failed. Let me make it clear I’m not suggesting the Chinese people are evil but from what I’ve found their government is. Join the dots for yourselves and consider this YES they are sending other nations “life saving equipment” but in many cases this equipment has been found to be faulty. Let me start at the beginning.

I was sent a Facebook post it caught my attention it mentions Bill Gates and is he in “collusion with WHO”?. This is what it said:-

“I wonder why Fauci was so quick to want to shutdown the booming Trump economy all across the nation, why He wants to keep it down for months and months, why He is resisting the drugs that doctors say are proving effective treatment already, why He made funny faces behind Trumps back when the President mentioned “Deep State,” and why the liberal media freaked out when they didn’t see Fauci on stage…. I wonder….FACTS OR THEORY?

This whole pandemic and shutdown has been very bizarre but here are some more facts that makes you think, “what in the world is going on here?”

Fact 1. The Covid19 virus likely came from bats – the intermediate horseshoe bat.

Facts 2. It’s reported that the Chinese Wet Markets were not selling bats before the outbreak. As Tucker Carlson reported, “there are no known colonies [of the bat] within 900 kilometers of Wuhan”

Fact 3. There are two labs right next to the Wuhan wet markets. The Wuhan Institute of Virology and the Wuhan Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

Fact 4. It is reported that these Wuhan Labs did have horseshoe bats as the Chinese Government Researchers were studying them and their viruses.

Fact 5. The Wuhan Institute of Virology is run by the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Fact 6. Bill Gates, who is said to have “predicted” an outbreak years ago, is one of the biggest donors to the Chinese Academy of Sciences and was awarded their highest honor.

Fact 7. Bill Gates has advocated for “an extreme shutdown” of the economy “indefinitely” until there is a vaccine and is investing “billions” into developing a vaccine for covid19.

Fact 8. Certain medical experts, like Dr Ezekiel Emmanuel (A Joe Biden advisor and Obamacare Architect) have been saying that the economy cannot return to normal until the population is mass vaccinated 18 months from now.

Fact 9. Dr Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, who walked into the Oval Office and told President Trump to shutdown the economy, has a very close and long time relationship with Bill Gates and the Gates Foundation, as the Gates Foundation are big donors to Fauci’s Institution. He also is a deep state Obama Hillary supporter.

Fact 10. Hydroxychloroquine is an old Malaria drug that has been seen to be effective treatment against Covid19. Lupus patients take this drug and have not been infected with COVID19. Countries that fight Malaria and take this drug have also not had any Covid19 outbreaks.

Fact 11. Doctors who prescribe Hydroxychloroquine say this is a very safe drug at the doses prescribe and has zero risks for short term use – like treating COVID19.

Fact 12. Despite the on field testimony of doctors who have been using Hydroxychloroquine to treat covid19 with great effectiveness, Dr Fauci has been very much opposed to the use of this drug and is still pushing for a long term economic shutdown until there is a vaccine.

Fact 13. Bill Gates has also opposed hydroxychloroquine as “unproven” treatment for Covid19 and continues to push for a long economic shutdown until there is a vaccine.

Fact 14. So the man who wants to sell the world the vaccine for this virus has ties to the Wuhan lab where this virus likely originated.

I’m not interested in unprovable conspiracy theories. These are just some facts.

Additional Facts: a global economic collapse would be the perfect scenario for the the long desired establishment of a one world socialist government – new world order. Collapse the global economy so that the government and World Bank (IMF) can rebuild it. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Health Organization (WHO) are both heavily involved in this crisis and are both departments of a World Government. Bill Gates is also one of the biggest donors to the World Health Organization. Besides Covid19, Gates is also involved in the Climate Change propaganda, another crisis to usher in a one world government. And selling a vaccine for a global pandemic would provide more needed funds to establish a one world order.

This virus is perfect for communism, as it targets the weak and elderly (those who are a drag on the socialist systems, pulling out more than they are putting in) while leaving the vast majority of the young and healthy and strong alone (to continue to labor and produce).

President Trump would be seriously messing up their plans by pushing for Hydroxychloroquine as a medical treatment that would help our hospitals from being overwhelmed (the reason given for the economic shutdown), by pushing for the economy to reopen ASAP, and now threatening to defund the World Health Organization for promoting Chinese propaganda during this pandemic, which enables the virus to spread globally. Now the director of W.H.O. issued a severe threat of “many body bags” if Trump cut off their funding.

Even today in his interview, Bill Gates advocated for a long economic shutdown until there is a vaccine, despite all that is now known about the low mortality rate of the virus for most people.

President Trump needs to declare May 1st as The National Get Back To Work Day! This would help prevent a global economic collapse and prevent any possible plans to rebuild a new world order of global socialism.”

Now as it happens I’m not against communism (in its pure form) however is there anyone who can be trusted to run this type of 1 world government?

There is so much stuff out there its difficult to know fact from fiction, it’s up to us all to decide what is true or untrue. I hate to think the power some people and organisations have over us. Take me (I wish someone would) ha ha. I have a Pacemaker fitted, how do I or the millions of others with these devices know what they are really doing?