I wonder how may people know how Facebook started? Mark Zuckerberg  owes everything to a Brit called Bernard Lee, not only him but many of the other icons of the internet do.

Sir Timothy John “Tim” Berners-Lee

WHY? Because Bernard invented the internet without which we wouldn’t be connected in our world.

So to Facebook, yesterday I decided to give FB a rest I’m always on it so today I did other stuff, but turning on the TV and there he is being questioned by the EU in Brussels.

Think about it what would happen if Facebook closed down tomorrow?

Zuckerberg started Facebook when he was in college and was a way he thought would be cool to connect everyone there. Well it has certainly achieved that, he’s made billions just like Bill Gates reputedly the richest many in the world.

Bernard has a modest bank account and I’m sure is quite happy with his lot.

So tonight enough from me at least this kept me off Facebook.

Peace and Love to all

The importance of 3


I realised tonight how important the number three has been in my life. Born the 3rd child in my family, my number used for Angka Meditation is 3 (which until now has been a secret), my car registration number is 306 3+6=9 divide that by 3 =3. The list goes on and on so why 3. I have the 3 wise monkey’s in my room and 3 cats given to my by my Guru’s sister Githa.20180508_193926.jpg

Three was never my lucky number, I was asked by my dearest friend an ex business partner Lidia Babenko to pick a number between 1 and 9 when she taught me Angka meditation out of the blue I picked 3. My Guru Darma Yasa say’s its a special number and its proving out to be that way.

Time will tell, its just turned 3 am here so time to try and sleep.


Today 9th May will always be Sophie’s day to me. So many things have happened today yes it’s Lidia’s birthday but much more than this has happened today. I started the day reaching out to Lidia my Sophie (everyone said she reminded them of Meryl Streep) who played Sophie in this my all time favourite film and she is the spitting image.17-meryl-streep.w600.h315.2x
LIDIAI was in contact some time ago by a lady in California who had a copy of Rudyard Kipling’s book which will contain IF my mantra for life. The book is now on it’s way to me. So tonight I went online to find a rare copy of Sophie’s Choice and that too is on its way. The film was voted Meryl Steep’s No. 1 movie and the story which starts with her choice of which child she had to sacrifice to the ovens in Auschwitz is a real heart-breaker. I cried more than ever I have today and smiled at the same time. Sophie’s Day will always be celebrated by me, a gathering of so many circumstances, beauty, war, death and many other things.

Now I am tired and I must sleep tonight, tomorrow is another day, a day of attorney’s and what not. so my dear readers consider yourself lucky you will never have to make a choice like Sophie the “ultimate choice”. I hope Lidia has a great birthday and we may never meet again, I know that’s what she prefers, and I will respect that, I’ve troubled her too much and I’m sure my Facebook friends are tired of today’s posts but so what.

P1010790 (2)

Now we can hope for a better life and the ultimate search for Nirvana Peace and Love




You can visit to enjoy and make your contribution. Why did I start this? Well someone once told me we were soulmates, I mistook that as a relationship kinda thing. As it turns out she (who is a Russian Doctor) said we were once in opposing armies and both of us men. During the battle she/he saved my life.

Strange but true, we have argued since as one would expect with a Russian and a Brit just getting back from 10 years in the US. BUT the point is soulmates are real, I know my Old English Sheepdog was a soulmate and my Dove (Peace)


 is definitely a soul mate. Lets share your thought and experiences.


Strange day’s indeed


Have you ever had one of those Aha moments?

Well this has been one of those days……………….

I have many teachers and have had many in the past, some good some bad but if we are wise we will sort out the wheat from the chaff. Prabhu Darma Yasa has been a blessing for me and I owe my lovely sunshine for introducing him to me. Buddha has been a great inspiration and has kept me moving towards my Nirvana, Even going back 60 years I remember Miss Stevenson my teacher at Mersey Park infant school. I like to think I’m a teacher YES I am and I hope things like my blog will help teach YOU.

SO to the crux of it. I arrived in Gozo 2016 as damaged goods, My ex in Texas had taken everything from me including my will to live. One of the first places I went to was the Lotus Tal Qalb in Gharb. I thought I was safe there..how wrong you can be.

Recently I was banned (after years of giving my time money and energy to this place). It purports to be a Health & Well-being Centre) BEWARE it will make you sick. It has many secrets and we all know “secrets make you sick”. There are BAD people here beware of wolves in sheeps clothing’. Now I understand why locals and the Catholic church steer clear. I even brought my Guru who was here from Bali to talk, Prabhu gave his time and love even though he had battled a storm to get there and yet they banned me?? Why..AHA I now know why! And the truth is quite disturbing.

More information is available on request please see donation for below.

For the ashram and advice

I have always given freely but there are so many worthy causes so if you want advice donate what you can .




When we get older things change we change as I said in an earlier post “Change of Life” today has brought many diverse opportunities from clothing to cooking and the fact is I don’t have to do any of them, but as my hobby is my work I will enjoy working with these companies.  They have exciting new products (well certainly when it comes to cooking).

So stay tuned CB is shortly going to tell you about something that is revolutionary in cooking. I’ve sent message to a few people already I just can’t wait to get started.

Life is strange like that, recently I went to Malta with no money (left it at home) got to the Funky Monkey and the girl there said “It’s OK we know you, this is on the house” ” WOW just WOW.. this wouldn’t happen even in Liverpool my home town. Malta and Gozo is like that 1 big family. SO why do i talk to myself? Well I do listen to others and if what they say makes sense then I will consider it. I’ve had some good and very bad advice from others so listen to your gut instinct, its usually right. Goodnight sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite.

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The MOST important story never told

After agreeing to a civilized divorce my now ex wife took everything and then married husband No 5 (good luck Danny Cochran) may god protect.This is my ex (who isn’t “god fearing”) s200_melody.gillespie_chalkleyOK we all know she was abused as a child (very sad) but having spoken to professionals they say that’s no excuse for what she did.


She persuaded me to sign a “post marital agreement” 2 weeks later she constructs a showdown and insists I leave what is legally now her home. I was thrown into confusion and ended up living in Main St Dallas (near the grassy knowl).

Talking of which Melody Gillespie as she now calls herself was surrounded by criminals. A guy who attacked me Mike Trapp…

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