Trust a small word that affects us all. Who can we really trust? Here’s my view I’d be interested to know yours.

  1. Blood relatives (this doesn’t include step children most of mine have proved very disappointing).Strangely enough their children 9(my many step grandchildren have been an inspiration)
  2. Doctors sorry definitely not always get a second opinion especially in the USA where most doctors care more about $s than patients.
  3. Lawyers again never in the USA I could relate many stories of lawyers there costing me $000s for unnecessary meeting and letters. $500 an hour!!!
  4. Spiritual Leaders.We choose to believe what we want happen to believe I to believe, in the teachings of the Buddha, he never wanted to be regarded as a god but wanted to help us all achieve “The Middle Path”. Indeed many religions also believe in the teaching of this “man”.
  5. Friends. Yes this s a hard one, I’ve friends who I would trust with my life, others who have stolen from me while I trusted them…

There are many scams going on at the moment trying to get your personal details, beware, there’s no such thing as a free lunch (unless you happen to be a particular friend I’ve asked several times).